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About Us

Welcome to Colorplay! We are a clean, conscious, GenZ-centric beauty brand created to unleash your best self.

Let’s get real - the world out there is big and bad, but it’s not bigger than your dreams! It’ll try to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and define you with labels. But hey beautiful, you are meant to be young and FREE - free to experiment with who you are - free to express yourself - free to define your own ‘beautiful’ - free to unabashedly be YOU!

ColorPlay is created just for that. To be your friend as you ace the journey of expressing who you are! And what’s better than showcasing your style with colors? So own it and slay it your way, one shade at a time!

The Rules we Play by

  • Team-clean-ingredients, for the win!

  • Let’s root for each other, and grow together

  • Express yourself freely

  • Equality and inclusivity for all

We co-created this with Ashnoor Kaur

(When we said “GenZ”, we meant it!)

Ashnoor believes in clean ingredients, no nasties, and being non-judgemental when it comes to make-up. Sounds just like you? There’s more! She believes in a no-fuss range, and is a strong advocate of “expensive doesn’t mean better.”
Agree? So do we!

We’ve done the Tough bit

We’ve done the work so you can play. We started out, formulated our products, tried them, threw them away, and remade them again and again until we got it all just right. While we don’t believe in beauty standards, we certainly hold ourselves to the highest quality standards!
After tons of time, effort, energy, heartbreak and play in making the perfect range, ColorPlay is…


  • Easy to apply: The super-smooth, one-swipe wonder.
  • Easy on your skin:Vegan, cruelty-free, with super ingredients.
  • Easy on the eyes: Oh hello, pretty thing!
  • Easy on the pocket: Always awesome, never broke.
  • The hydration of Hyaluronic Acid

  • The do-good properties of Vitamins

  • Vegan across the collection

  • PETA certified and Cruelty Free

  • No-Nasties, Paraben-free formula

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